About me

Image of PetraI am a lucky mother of one who has found raw food through love for my son. I was willing to radically change the diet for our little family when he was born to give him best start and create healthy eating habits for life. My health improved dramatically too. I have never looked back and i try incorporate as much raw foods in our life as possible. I have always had a passion for desserts and making cakes. So that is how Petra’s Raw Cakes were born.

At Petra’s Raw cakes we only use the best ingredients available and by combining our skill and passion we offer you the highest quality, healthy desserts. All of the ingredients in the raw cakes are completely natural, there are no numbers, flavors, colours in our ingredients list.

raw strawberry cakePetra’s Raw cake is a real food and your body will love you for it. And the best part is the raw cakes are simply delicious! RAW CAKES are made from foods in their most natural state, uncooked and unprocessed ingredients are the most wholesome and nourishing for your body. It allows all vitamins, minerals and enzymes to stay undisturbed and are more readily available to be absorbed.

I am catering for people who are health conscious and are wanting to make better food choices, people who are vegan, raw, people with allergies and intolerances. My raw cakes contain NO gluten, NO wheat, NO dairy, NO refined sugar, NO eggs, NO artificial colours/flavours and are NON GMO and are paleo approved.

I invite you to have a look at my website, where you can also place a order of your favourite raw cake product, or see where my products are being offer near your place.

LOVE, PETRA – Petra’s raw cakes, Darwin